Panel Installation

Panel Installation

Ready-to-install Panels will transform building construction. Sandwich panels with two Fibre Reinforced Cement facing sheets and a lightweight concrete core. Portland cement, binders, and silicaceous and micaceous aggregate form the core.

Panels are fully cured at the factory and have a tongue-and-groove jointing system for easy assembly.

Lightweight, water-resistant, fire-resistant, termite-resistant, Sturdy, Soundproofing, space-saving, eco-friendly.

Drywall Panels are ideal for dry walls and partitions. We created this innovative green product, certified by the IGBC and GRIHA, to build greener buildings for a greener planet.

Procedure for Installing a Panel

1) Fix ceiling and floor channel
2) Cut the panel to required size
3) Erect the Panel
4) Erect the Panel
5) Erect panel and align
6) Apply jointing material and fibremesh tape to the surface joint

The surface is now ready for any finish, such as paint, tiles, wallpaper, texture, etc.